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Sage offers demo open source boot ROM for Bayley Bay crb


Sage has added a free demonstration ROM for an open source-based boot of the Bailey Bay reference board powered by the Intel® Atom E3800 SoC (system on chip), formerly known as the Bay Trail product family. The demonstration – available at http://www.se-eng.com/sagebios-demonstration-rom-osp-download/?osp=Bayley%20Bayhttp://www.se-eng.com/sagebios-demonstration-rom-osp-download/?osp=Bayley%20Bay – features the SageBIOS Open Source Package replacing standard UEFI boot loading. A SageBIOS OSP essentially demonstrates the robust nature of SageBIOS Board Support Packages – available for full- and semi-custom boots on Bay Trail SoCs. This binary demonstration image specifically targets the Bayley Bay platform and comes in an installer package that includes a menu-driven environment to support system firmware update and restore, and a folder containing all open source software used to construct the binary demonstration image. The Atom E3800 product family, based on the Silvermont architecture, was Intel's first system-on-chip (SoC) designed for intelligent systems, delivering outstanding compute, graphical, and media performance while operating in an extended range of thermal conditions. Sage has created a 509-millisecond boot in advance of an operating system with SageBIOS for the Bayley Bay platform, which is disabled on the demo OSP. To test the fast boot BSP, please contact mailto:sales@se-eng.com sales@se-eng.com.

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