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The Intel Media SDK is unable to decode a stream of raw H264 video from a camera. Is Media SDK suitable for streaming applications?



I am trying to decode an H264 video stream coming in from the camera but I keep getting ERR_MORE_DATA and it is never able to reach to the decoding phase of the code.



Intel Atom E3950 (Apollo Lake)



Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


Steps Taken:

The setup required to run the Media-SDK is done by following documentation:


I am also able to run the sample projects provided on git successfully. Specifically, the sample_decode example is able to take in the raw H264 file and spit out the YUV format. This makes me assume there is no issue with missing drivers from Intel.


I also pulled the "decode" sample from tutorial and was able to run that and used it as my reference which I found at the following link:


I also read the steps required to setup the Media SDK on the following link:



But none of this works. When I run my code the MFXVideoSession_DecodeHeader(Session, &Bitstream, &Videoparam) returns ERR_MORE_DATA. The buffer that is being passed has around 32000 bytes of data, I was able to check this value in the debugger. And the code is never able to get to the point of decoding phase and stays stuck here.


How can I solve this problem?

I am not sure if the intel Media SDK supports real time decoding and I would like more insight on that too.



The API version that I am able to query in the code gives me that it has Version 1.28. The repository was cloned from github a month back.



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Hello, @dmotw1​;


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


In order to be on the same page, could you please confirm that this thread is the same as the one stated in the following website?


Waiting for your clarification.


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