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Automotive Assembly System Solutions for Partner Baccanelli


Market: Automotive

Location: Italy

Technology Partner: Baccanelli

Project Introduction

The assembly departments in the automotive sector usually provide very poor automated processes

in the production chain and this means that it's very difficult to improve parameters like efficiency,

quality alignment and massive data collection. In order to achieve these objectives by containing

production costs, our customer, who is one of this market's main system integrators working

with the most important automotive manufacturer companies in Italy, needed a modular and

flexible system that was able to communicate simultaneously with old and new equipments to

contain cost.

System Requirements

The objective and the aim of this system was to modernize the internal working process by

introducing a Human Machine Interface that could help provider user-friendly job instructions

and better characteristics of the specific product under processing to the users and operators

to make their work easier.

Another goal was to collect all parameters and data of the operations in a single file linked to

the serial numbers of the vehicle to optimize the whole process. This was possible thanks to a

software gateway that integrated old and new equipment by using different physical connections:

2 x LAN, 5x RS/232, 1 x RS/485, Bluetooth, 2 x USB, and Digital I/O.

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