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Computer Engineer?


I am a junior in high school in a program called "Project Lead the Way" through Rochester Institute of Technology. I was assigned a project to choose a field of Engineering and do a report on it. In this report it involves and interview with a person that is in the field you chose (or close to it). If you are willing to help me out you can either answer these questions in the forum or email me @mailto:jesseskiracer@gmail.com jesseskiracer@gmail.com

-What do you do on a daily basis?

-How much money do you plan to be making toward the end of your career compared to the beginning? (Sorry this question was somewhat mandatory)

-What responsibilities do you have?

-How did you get started in computer engineering?

-Have you worked on any big projects throughout your career?

-What are some other companies that have jobs in this field?

-How does a person progress in this field?

-What skills are necessary?

-How is your working atmosphere?

-How has your job affected your lifestyle?

Thank you in advance if you are willing to look through and answer these questions, it will help a lot. And if you are wondering I am planning on pursuing a career in computer engineering as well.

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Hello Jesse_9,

Thank you for contacting the Intel Embedded Community.

The persons that may help you are listed as a reference at the following website:

https://www.linkedin.com/title/computer-engineer https://www.linkedin.com/title/computer-engineer

We will be more than help you with your questions related to Intel Embedded products.

Best Regards,