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Enable HD audio in BLDKII



In the release notes it mentioned as HD audio was enabled, but we are unable to get the audio. We checked in all the ways. Can i know how to enable the audio and COM0 also?

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At the beginning of advanced initialization, profiling for boot times is optionally initialized. The "CFG_PROFILE" is enabled in either the make file or in the IDE tool.

Advance init flow:

■Checkpoint 28h, Miscellaneous Internal Devices:

(1) US15W Chipset Specifics (IDE controller enable , set the APIC ID of the IOAPIC to not conflict with any processors.)

(2) DMA service

(3) Programmable Interrupt Timer (PIT) - legacy timer frequency is 18.2Hz, the refresh rate is 66.3 KHz, and the speaker frequency set to 400Hz.

(4) Super IO : You will likely need to rewrite your own solution

(5) Serial Console Enable : If you want see message from host terminal

(6) Keyboard

(7) Timer : Initializes the system timer, installs a protected mode handler for the timer interrupt, and unmasks the timer interrupt. (IRQ0)

(8) Reserve memory region : Video memory and TSEG memory ( CPU can direct read/write this buffer memory forSMM)

(9) HD audio

These Miscellaneous things in the system must be configured in the boot loader for proper operation. This will be unique for every chipset. FOr more details please check BLDK porting guide about each stage functional Points to be made on the edc.intel.com

Hope this will help.


Ali R.

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