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Photovoltaic Plant Management Solution in Italy


Market: Power & Energy

Location: Italy

Technology Partner: Digimax – www.digimax.it

Project Introduction

Our partner's customer is a local system integrator with a consolidated experience in photovoltaic

market. Their main customers are public administrations, but also several important companies

(not only Italian ones) who are involved in this market and its applications. One main focus is

solar inverter manufacturing, a segment that accounts for much of this system integrator's business.

In recent years, their business has grown extensively in this market, in part because of the

strong demand for environmental solutions. For this specific application, the system integrator

was looking for different PC controllers based on the specific requirements of three plants, but

wanted one single and trusted vendor with the experience and brand reputation to provide all

the necessary components, as well as added value.


The requirements of this specific application called for different embedded PC platforms with

different consumption levels, as well as with low power specifications and fanless design in

order to save cost, plus a compact design to save space. Other requirements included 4 COM

(3xRS485), 2 LAN, isolation, and, last but not least, competitive price.

A key factor in the system's integrator's choice of DIGIMAX was their excellent and reliable

customer service and technical background, as well as the reliability and quality of the products.

With a solid estimated life cycle, these products could guarantee continuity with no high cost

for eventual upgrading.

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