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Sage releases demonstration boot ROM for Mohon Peak reference board


Sage has added a free demonstration boot ROM for the Mohon Peak reference board powered by the Intel® Atom C2000 SoC (system on chip), formerly known as the Rangeley product family. The demonstration – available at http://www.se-eng.com/sagebios-demonstration-rom-osp-download/?osp=Mohon%20Peak http://www.se-eng.com/sagebios-demonstration-rom-osp-download/?osp=Mohon%20Peak – features the open source-based SageBIOS Open Source Package replacing standard UEFI boot loading. A SageBIOS OSP essentially demonstrates the robust nature of SageBIOS Board Support Packages available for full- and semi-custom boots on Rangeley chips. This binary demonstration image specifically targets the MohoSage offers open source boot ROM for Mohon Peak reference boardn Peak platform and comes in an installer package that includes a menu-driven environment to support system firmware update and restore, and a folder containing all open source software used to construct the binary demonstration image. The Intel Atom C2000 SoCs provide favorable performance per watt, with TDPs ranging from 7 to 20 watts, addressing the needs of thermally constrained solutions, including mid-range branch office routers, security appliances, network access, communications servers, small cells, control plane processing, and storage. When paired with the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit this platform improves packet processing speeds to handle increased network traffic data rates and associated control and signaling infrastructure requirements.

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