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changing examples output realsense depth output


using realsense 435 and raspberry pi 4b - output to hdmi screen


i really hope somebody can help ... ive got a requirement to just have the output of the depth cam (435) to a fullscreen for interpretation by humans .. no ai or pointcloud required as yet ... 


i can modify the examples so that they open up in 1920x1080 windows (as close to a 'fullscreen' as i can manage for the time being (although if you could help with that id be grateful) ... 


the examples out put what seem to be a sort of realtime variable depth map ... meaning .. that the colour gradient seems to change with regard to what is closest to the camera at the time rather than to any specific set depth ... sorry if that makes no sense .. let me explain further.


in the realsense-viewer i get a set depth map .. so if some thing is close its red and then it slowly gets blue as the distance gets futher .. and this is constant ... but as the realsense-viewer cant be opened in fullscreen without its GUI im using the examples ... but none of them have a 'fixed' depth graduation .. and they seem to adjust what is 'closest' according to what the camera is seeing ... i.e if looking at a living room then maybe the walls are blue and the chair near me is red .. BUT if i point the camera at a person and they 'fill' the view then the center of them will be red but their arms and edges will be blue ... as these are further from the centre of the lens..


to simplify the question ... how do i make a .cpp build example on the raspebrry pi that outputs the results i have set in the realsense-viewer ??



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You would probably get a better answer here:


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Hello, @stig:

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You should address the Intel® RealSense™ consultations through the channels listed on the following website:


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