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"direct" reading and writing to DRAM, physical or virtualized, with a Xeon D-1557


We are researching how to directly write to and read from a DDR4 for an NSF project.

Our test equipment has a Xeon D-1557 with a Micron DDR4. However, we are having trouble finding where to start in terms of programming, though we are fairly confident the answer is not too complex. Basically, we think we need to have the multicore establish a virtualized memory space (e.g., 10000 rows), and then write our data to the virtualized memory space, and then reference (both read from and write to) relative addresses in the virtualized memory space.

Is there a good starting point for how to do this with an Intel Xeon D-1557? If our project pans out (it will), we will be switching to much more modern multicores. But for now, this is just feasibility. Any help will be greatly appreciated! 

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Hello @JoshP23,


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


Intel’s Interactive Support for this product has been discontinued. You may check this in the following link:



Regarding your question, I do think that you may try to check in Linux archives or virtual machine information what may be available, like this:



You may check what is publicly available for this processor from here:



This document is available publicly, you may check what may be helpful for your project.



You may check section 4 - Register and Memory Mapping for example.


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