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Xeon D1541 CPU/Chipset is not granting access to PCIe card timely


Hello, Intel Support,

I have a Xeon D1541 mother board. and two FPGA card.

FPGA Card A: PCIe Gen 3 with DMA capability, FPGA PCIe card with a very large deep FIFO.

FPGA Card B: PCIe Gen 3 with DMA capability, FPGA PCIe card with a FIFO size of 320KBytes per channel, two channel DMA in total.

Card A runs well on Xeon D1541 mother board, no PCIe packet drop. (no data loss).

Card B runs on Xeond D1541, but it has intermediate problem that some times the mother board causes a FIFO overflow in the FPGA card. sometimes I can run for 5~10 seconds no problem, however, interimly, it gives a FIFO overlfow.

After further analysis, it seems to me that the Xeon D1541/chipset is not responding/granting the PCIe access to the FPGA card, hence causing a PCIe FIFO overflow in the FPGA B.

Note this FPGA card B runs well on another ASUS P9X79 motherboard and X270 mother board.

I would like to check in Xeon D CPU, is there any settings that can adjust the PCIe response time, or any other settings in the BIOS to improve this performance?

I have been diverted by Intel Support to ask questions here and would appreciate if someone can help me.

Thank you.

Mei Guodong

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Hello, MeiGuodong :

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

In order to help you in the best way possible, could you please give us all the information of the affected motherboard (such manufacturer, model, part number, and other details)?

We really appreciate your cooperation.

Best regards,


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