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82578DM NIC cannot be enabled teaming.


Dear Sir.

I am using AIMB-780 main board with 2 on-board ethernet card(Intel 82578DM, 82583V).

To use teaming, I installed the latest PRoWin32 driver.

After a installation, the intel 82578DM team tab is disabled with "intel ATM is enabled" message.

Even though I tun ATM off in bios menu, team is not enabled.

Could you please help me?


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Hi B.R.,

Do you have a tab for teaming?

How about a tab for VLANs?

What is the hardware id information for your network connections? I would like to know the IDs for further checking on this issue.

Make sure you have the latest BIOS and management updates from Advantech. You might want to check with Advantech support to find out if they know about any issues with teaming on their board.

Are you logged in locally or remotely? Sometimes security can block you from seeing the added property tabs when logging in remotely.

If you still get the message after you disable management on the port in the BIOS, you might want to try uninstalling the network connections software and doing a new install to see if the situation changes.

Also, make sure you run the install as an admnistrator to make sure that something is not being blocked.

Mark H


You can forget everything I said or asked about in the previous post. Our software developer let me know that we cannot team any AMT capable devices.

Mark H


Hi, Mark H.

Thank you for your answers.

Does your send answer means that it is impossible to enable teaming with Intel 82578DM card?

Anyway, I will update your first request.

1. I can see Teaming tab. But all buttons are disable with the below message.

- Intel ATM technology is enabled. it is impossible to add this equipment to a team.

2. H/W ID.


3. I also asked ADvantech about this issue.

4. There are no problem on other your requests.

Teaming must be enalbed in our solution.

Please help me!!


Donghan J.


At this time, Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) and teaming are not allowed on the same network port. If you have a BIOS option on your main board to disable the management engine, then you will be allowed to use the port in a team. Otherwise, you will need to use Ethernet ports with an add-in adapter to implement teaming.

Not provisioning Intel AMT is not enough to allow using the port in the team. If you do not have a BIOS option to disable the mangement engine, then you will need to add an adapter to provide an additional port for the team.

Mark H