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Cannot enable virtual adapters using an Intel I217-LM



my situation is the following: I've got two tagged VLANs coming to my notebook via Ethernet connected to my Intel I217-LM Ethernet adapter.

Using device manager and the VLANs tab within the configuration window of the Ethernet adapter, I have configured both VLANs and two new disabled Ethernet adapters showed up in the adapter settings of windows. In the adapter settings of the physical Ethernet adapter, the item "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" has been automatically unselected and "Intel® Advanced Network Services Protocol" has been automatically selected. So far so good, but I cannot enable the two new virtual Ethernet adapters corresponding two the two VLANs. If I try, a small windows pops up showing "Enabling…" and after a few seconds it switches two "Enabled" and disappears a couple of seconds later. Unfortunately, the two virtual NICs stay greyed out and dont work.

I am using Windows 10 version 1703, driver version for my I217-LM NIC and driver Version for the virtual NICs. I have already tried reinstalling the driver, which unfortunately did not work…

When the virtual NIC is created, an error is logged in the Windows Event log:

Type: System

Source iANSMiniport

Event ID 4

Basically telling me that binding to the physical adapter failed and that I should deleted the adapter group and create a new one which is weird, as I haven't created an adapter group yet…

While looking for drivers, I noticed that older drivers in the list ( Downloads for Intel® Ethernet Connection I217-LM) mentioned that this feature is not available under Windows 10. However, the most recent version does not so I assumed that this has been fixed. Is it?

Any help or idea is appreciated, thank you!

With best regards


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Could it be that this is problem is related to the problem discussed here?

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Hi A.G,



Please wait for the driver update at end of May/first week of June as the Windows 10 you are using is RS2.







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