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Command line tool to update the 82567LM-3 NIC Duplex and Speed?


I'm looking for a utility that will allow me to configure the 82567LM-3 NIC from the command line (Duplex and Link Speed). I have downloaded Intel's SetSpeed.exe but it doesn't seem to work with this NIC. Any ideas? I'm running XP Pro SP2

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Merphster -

It is possible to set the speed and duplex (and a variety of other settings) from the command line for Intel(R) Ethernet products. It does require that you have PROSet installed on your system which is part of the driver download on If PROSet is installed follow these steps:

1) Change directory to \Program Files\Intel\NCS2\Scripts. If this directory does not exist, please update your drivers and make sure to install the PROSet utility.

2) Run the enumeration script by typing in "cscript Adapter_Enumerate.vbs". You should see a numbered list of the wired Ethernet ports on your system. On my system this is the number 1.

3) Run the set settings script (cscript Adapter_SetSetting.vbs) with the numer from step # 2 as the first arguement, "SpeedDuplex" as the second setting, and then one of the following values depending on the speed and duplex you are trying to set.

  • 0 - Auto Detect
  • 1 - 10Mbps/Half Duplex
  • 2 - 10Mbps/Full Duplex
  • 3 - 100Mbps/Half Duplex
  • 4 - 100Mbps/Full Duplex
  • 5 - Auto-negotiate 1000Mbps

The usage for the set settings script is "Adapter_SetSetting.vbs ". If you wanted to set your speed and duplex automatically for the port and that port was enumerated as 1 to 100Mbps/Half Duplex, then you would want to type in

"cscript Adapter_Enumerate.vbs 1 SpeedDuplex 3"

I hope this helps and thank you for using Intel Ethernet products


-- miles