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Develop driver with Jungo WinDriver

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Hi guys!

I would like to develop a driver with Jungo for my ethernet controller, but I've a few questions:

Has anybody already tried it and could give me sume hints, a good link or anything like that?

Where can i get a list with all registers of my ethernet controller from? The most important thing would be the icr-register; I've already had a look at a few specifications on the web (which were also linked here in this forum in another thread too), but didn't find anything. Is there any programming specification/information out there?

Is the target, to develop the driver, in reach? As you might guess I'm a newbie to all these topics, but I'm reading quite a lot to get as fast as possible into these topics because I need it for a school project.

The reason why I'm doing this is to receive the whole ethernet-frame (excluding preamble and checksum), so I have all possibilites e.g. to write my own protocoll, but mostly to gain a full 1GBit-connection (as Windows might loose some frames when transmission rate rises too high)

Hopefully, somebody can help me

Thanks in advance!

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Up at there are a bunch of Open Source Development Manuals (OSDM) that have the register definitions for each product. Some of the manuals have multiple silicon families in it, so read it carefully. Our datasheets (up s1=all&s2=all&s3=all here) for the newer products will also have register definitions. If your doing something that is compatiable with the GPL you can use the linux driver as a ready example. Its up on Sourceforge link already provided. If you need something with a different license, our FreeBSD offering may be a better example for you. Here is one driver and here is the other. Check the readme for which you should use for your research.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much, I'll have a look at them!

Thank you!