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FIFO Test Failed


We have 2 new HP Elite Desk 800 G1 Tower PCs which has an onboard Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM Network Card. I decided to run the built-in diagnostics test on this card and it passed the Connection and Cable Test. But on the hardware Test, thought it passed the REgister, EEPROM and Loopback Test, it failed on FIFO Test. I contacted HP who then replaced the motherboard but it still failed the FIFO Test. This diagnostic test is accessed via Control Panel > Device Manager > Network Adapters > Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM Properties > Link Speed > Diagnostics Test > Hardware. They then advised that they do not support this 3rd party diagnostic test software and suggest that we run the BIOS test instead as they will only investigate further if it failed the BIOS test. We haven't done the BIOS test yet as the PCs are in a different location.

I don't fully understand the implication of FIFO test failing but in so far as I'm concerned, it doesn't give me confidence to see this test failing. We have other HP machines with different models with different intel network card but it also has this built in Diagnostic Test and they passed the Hardware Test so I don't see why this test on Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM would fail the FIFO Test. Can anyone please tell me more about this FIFO test and what we should do to resolve this? I'm attaching the screenshot of the result of Diagnostics Test so everyone will know what I meant by this. I would very much appreciate your assistance on this matter.

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Hi EPhilips, FIFO test writes test bit patterns to the adapter FIFO buffers to make sure it is working properly. you may want to try out the latest Intel network adapter package to see if you'll have this problem, kindly refer to the link below:




Hi Vince, thank you very much. I did try to run updates for this network card but Windows told me I have the latest driver already and even went to HP support site to look for a newer driver but didn't find one. The link you provided was very helpful. We downloaded the driver for Windows 7 and now it passes the FIFO test. I'm very grateful for your help and time in responding to my query.


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