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Firmware needed for 82599EB


This question is for the JL 82599EB which we designed into a product late last year. I'm now doing hardware bring-up on the first prototypes. The PCIe cards with the 82599EB show up in linux via lspci as 8086:10d8, which is "82599EB Unprogrammed". It seems hardware is fine, but I need the image for the EEPROM, and the utility for programming it. 

I found an item with a link, it seems that document number 425136 - Intel® 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller – EEPROM Images – Rev. 4.40, contains the EEPROM images, and I can't access that document. That document is in a password protected area, and the information provided is just a circular link that brings me right back to the same spot.

How do I get the firmware and programming tools for the 82599EB. Our card is really just the 82599EB with two SFP sockets, ideally connecting via XAUI. This should be the most basic configuration for the 82599EB.

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Hi LCotten,

Thank you for posting in Intel Ethernet Communities.

Regarding this issue, I believe we are discussing in different posting and currently waiting for Intel Embedded Community to respond to you, at the same time we also currently looking for any possibility information for this issue. Therefore, we will continue updating you via another posting regarding this matter. It might take some time, and we really appreciate your patience and time throughout this process.

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