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Hyper V install order


I have read that with Broadcom and or HP servers that the install order with Hyper V and NIC teaming is CRITICAL.

Is this so with Intel NIC's/teaming software?

The order I have read about goes something like this...

  1. Install Windows 2008 R2


  2. Install the Hyper V role


  3. Install NIC teaming drivers/software


  4. Configure team/s


  5. Configure Hyper V networking to point to a team.


Again I have read this as it pertains specifically to HP Proliant Servers and HP NIC teaming sofware and I have seen it (from along time ago 2008/2009) about Broadcom NIC's

I have done it this way so far...

  1. Install Windows 2008 R2


  2. Install NIC teaming drivers/software


  3. Configure the teams


  4. Install the Hyper V role


  5. Configure Hyper V to use a team


It works fine in testing but......if I am going to see network issues they will probably show up when I put a much bigger load on them. I really dont want to rebuild my servers...but if I have to I will.

Is there any guidence from Intel on the correct or supported order of things?


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Thanx for visiting our forum.

The Intel Ethernet teaming software solution is quite robust and has no such restrictions. It makes no difference in which order you install.

Happy virtualizing!

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