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Intel X710-T2L NVM Update to 7.3 Failing


An update to the X710 series products was released about 5 days ago (drivers 25.1 and NVM 7.3), and I've upgraded all of the drivers succesfully on my systems that have Intel cards.


There is also an NVM upgrade for these cards to bring them to NVM version 7.3, but one card (my X710-T2L) is refusing to update.


The message when upgrading is:


PS C:\Users\reuben\Desktop\700Series\Winx64> .\nvmupdatew64e.exe


Intel(R) Ethernet NVM Update Tool

NVMUpdate version

Copyright (C) 2013 - 2020 Intel Corporation.


WARNING: To avoid damage to your device, do not stop the update or reboot or power off the system during this update.

Inventory in progress. Please wait [+.........]


Num Description             Ver.(hex) DevId S:B  Status

=== ================================== ============ ===== ====== ==============

01) Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2)   n/a(n/a)  15B8 00:000 Not supported


02) Intel(R) Ethernet Network Adapter  7.33(7.21)  15FF 00:023 Update not

  X710-T2L                           available


Tool execution completed with the following status: Device not found.

Press any key to exit.

PS C:\Users\reuben\Desktop\700Series\Winx64>


My other X710 cards (not T2L's though) have upgraded succesfully.


Can Intel Support advise why this might be the case? We know that the firmware that was released is newer than that which is installed on the card yet it still won't upgrade?


The card is validated as genuine and has the sticker on it with the unique number so I'm convinced this is not a pre-release version of the card.


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Don't change the EEPID (That is the new ETID), add your card ETrack ID in the "REPLACES" section (This is where the ETID of cards to be updated goes), either add yours after a space from the last entry or replace an entry. Then flash, it will work.


FYI I have the same card and ran into the same 7.3 nvm update issue as you. I also chose the same T2L binary as you selected above, it worked for me so you should be good to go.

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Thanks Crisselle, no more questions and pleased it will be fixed in upcoming releases. Thank you for your help :-)

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Hello Reuben, 


You're welcome, glad to be of help.


Then, please be informed that we will now proceed with ticket closure. Should you have any other concerns or assistance needed in the future, please do not hesitate to post a new question.


May you have an amazing day ahead!


Best Regards,

Crisselle C

Intel Customer Support

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