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Remotely Configure Cyclone III Development Kit

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Board: Cyclone III Development Kit  

Device: EP3C120F780C7 


I am trying to access the above mentioned board through Ethernet RJ-45 jack located on the LCD Multimedia HSMC. The web server application in the development established a connection to the internet and acquires an IP address via DHCP. However, in my case, no IP address is assigned as mentioned following: 


"Web Server Info" displayed on LCD are as following: 


IP Address: 0:0:0:0 

Netmask: 255:0:0:0 

Gateway: 0:0:0:0  


The reason is that internet server located in my office does not automatically assign IP address to the newly connected device via DHCP. Each system in my office is assigned a static IP address.  


Is there any option available for assigning static IP to the Cyclone III Development Board?. Or, some other alternative solution to this problem?
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