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Simple NIOS Max 10 ethernet

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I'd like to implement a very simple ethernet interface for low-speed data transfer to replace RS232 communication. I have used Lantronix before, but that is still more complicated than what I need. I don't need to host a web page, but that might be nice in the future. 


Here are some loose requirements: 


- No operating system is desired.  

- TCP/IP stack handled in C code for minimum development time 

- Cheap PHY chip (or even better, no phy chip). Suggestions here? 

- No DDR off-board memory 

- 10/100 required. Gbit ethernet okay, but I don't want to lock myself into an expensive phy chip or a device that has transceivers 

- Able to be used by a higher-end (bigger) Max 10 chip, perhaps the 10M40 

- No licenses or OSes to purchase. BTW, is the triple speed ethernet IP provided by Intel free? 


I saw the simple socket reference design. This is close to what I need, but I don't want DDR memory. I could change the Qsys project to use on-board memory instead, but I'm not sure how much it really needs. The Max 10 runs out of memory pretty quickly. 


I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!
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I found the Arrow DECA board, which looks to be designed by Terasic. It has a 10/100 phy. $3 in production, so probably too fancy, but it is cheaper than the 1GBit phys that are being put on some other eval boards. 


Good news is that it has a Max 10, and probably some reference designs to get started. Here's the link if anyone is interested:

I am also looking for a simple Ethernet Interface for the Arrow DECA board that does not use DDR memory. Even if it just for the Max 10 and a different PHY would work.

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!