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Trouble adding Intel i350-T4 PCI-e card to server with onboard i350-T4 LOM


Hi !

We are having trouble adding a i350-T4 card to the Cisco UCS c250 M3 with onboard i350 LOM

It is caught in an infinite loop unless we disable onboard LOM - other posts on the Internet raises a flag when it comes to combining onboard LOM with PCI-e cards.

All firmware is updated and all option ROMs are disabled for all Cards, PXE disabled with bootutil 19.0

We did test the following

Moved Intel NIC from PCI-e slot 5 to PCI-e slot2

Disabled all option ROM in BIOS (booting ESX from SD CARD)

Onboard LOM disabled in BIOS = boot / external NICs detected

Onboard LOM enabled in BIOS + PCI-e i350-T4 = no boot - system hangs

Onboard LOM enabled in BIOS = boot / internal NICs detected

Card is on Cisco whitelist page 225

But since its not Cisco branded our local Cisco REP wont raise a TAC :-(

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