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ixgbevf/ixgbe compatibility


I've seen a couple of postings in this forum (each going back a year or more) with responses from Intel suggesting that the two drivers are tightly coupled due to the messaging/mailbox interface. Is there a general table somewhere that shows the correlation between an ixgbe versions and the corresponding ixgbevf version? Can this be inferred from the release dates of the stable versions on SourceForge (e.g. ixgbe 3.19.1 and ixgbevf 2.12.1 both released 12-20-2013)?

Right now I'm running my linux distro's ixgbevf 2.7.12 in VMs, against 3.19.1on the server. Performance is excellent, but I've seen some anomalies regarding VF link status if one of the two physical ports isn't cabled to a switch (ethtool & ixgbe report correct link status, but ethtool & ixgbevf get it wrong for some VF instances in the VMs). To me this seems like a possible driver compatibility issue.

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