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Altera Cyclone V PLL in zdbfbclk configuration

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I've recently started using Altera's PLLs for a Cyclone V project. I'm creating a PLL, with the IP Wizard, with zero-delay buffer (zdbfbclk) mode enabled. I want to use the zdbfbclk port to drive the clock signal I desire. However, I have not connected the single out clock port to anything. This results in the following warning: 

Warning: OUTCLK port on the PLL is not properly connected on instance pllTdm:pllTdmI|pllTdm_0002:plltdm_inst|altera_pll:altera_pll_i|general[0].gpll. The output clock port on the PLL must be connected. 


What is the proper way of connecting this port? Do I really need it? Am I correct in assuming the zdbfbclk can provide the clock signal I desire? 

Any pointers/references to using this mode properly would be great. 


Thanks in advance.
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