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ALTFP_MULT always return 0

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Hi everyone, I'm new to fpga/verilog and met a weird problem when using altfp_mult ip core. 



I am using de2i-150 developing board, which has an Intel Atom CPU and a Cyclone IV FPGA. I need to finish a CPU and FPGA synergistic task, using PCIE for communicating. The task itself is pretty simple: CPU sends two float numbers to FPGA, FPGA multiplies the numbers and then sends the result back. 



The ALTFP_MULT ip core is like this: 


fp_mul (clock,dataa,datab,result);//dataa, datab, result are of 32 bits width 



So the problem is: 

I successfully send data from CPU to dataa and datab ports (I show the data on a 7-segment display). However, the result is always 0! 

I also tried making dataa and datab fixed to two numbers, such as dataa === 32'b1, datab === 32'b2, and the result is correct. But when dataa and datab is connected to PCIE, then the result is always 0. 



I've been struggling on this problem for several days and couldn't figure it out. I really appreciate every help and every advice, thanks!
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Your problem sounds like you are not correctly storing 'dataa' and 'datab' in registers after you write them from PCIe. 


If you look closely (SignalTap) I think you will find that the result isn't always 0, but it is only zero when one or more of the inputs are also zero.
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