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Share Asmi Parallel IP with Serial Flash Loader problem

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I use Cyclone V E FPGA Development Kit, i successfully read and write in the EPCQ256 memory with the ASMI Parallel IP but i would like to share the Asmi Parallel IP with Serial Flash Loader for keeping the ability to program the EPCQ with SFL for others purpose but i didnt success to communicate with the memory 

my steps : 

1- Disable SFL IP : if asmi_access_request = 0 then (noe = 1 and asmi_access_granted= 0) 

2- Use my working ASMI Parallel code for reading some bytes => not work 

3- Use my working ASMI Parallel code for writing some bytes => not work 


If i remove the SFL IP i can read / write on EPCQ by using the ASMI Parallel IP but when i include it i can't anymore 

My need is to use the SFL IP in my design and have read access to the EPCQ memory. 



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Problem solved. 


Solution : 


1- Don't use Quartus v14.0.0 build 200 Web Edition but use Quartus v14.1.0 build 186 Web Edition 

2- Create a new project of all your design (don't upgrade) 


Antoher thing Altera Flash Loader must have always noe = 0 to have internally access to the ASMI