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Altera JESD204B IP Core - Sequence of operations

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I develop an Altera JESD204B IP core based system. 


I use reference design https://documentation.altera.com/#/00024250-AA$NT00073969 

Cyclone V GT development board and DEV-ADC34jXX http://dallaslogic.com/prod_dev-adc34j/ 


I configure clocks and adc via SPI with the same parameters as JESD core. 


LMF 442 

N 12 

NP 12 

K 20 


Fsampling 50 MHz 


Device clock 100 MHz 

Sysref 2.5 MHz 

Link clk 25 Mhz 

Frame clk 50 MHz  


Basing on the reference design I perform the sequence of operations: 


1. Init clk ic (See the Device clk and sysref) 

2. Reset via reset_sequencer as it done in Arria based reference design, got core_pll_locked and xcvr_ready 

3. Assert xcvr | link | frame resets  

4. Configure adc 

5. de-assert resets and clear error status regs 


System does not switch to ILA state and remains in CGS 


If I set in the 4th step (csr_sysref_singledet | csr_sysref_alwayson) I get SYSREF_LMFC_error. 


What steps do I need to perform to get it working? 



Thanks in advance!!!
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