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Altera UFM for I2C interface protocol

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I am using Quartus II (v14.0). 

Using the IP Parameter Editor i have created a altera_ufm_i2c with settings: 

Access mode: read only 

Address MSB: 1010 

Memory size: 4k 

currently initalized blank (all 1's) but will be init from file eventually. (am also a bit unclear what the file should look like (HEX), but that's a different question) 


This is then instansiated in my main code block. I am able to do a loop-back test over i2c so am confident the IP is correctly in my code.  


My question is: what is the protocol to read the ufm over i2c from a given memory location. On other devices i've used the process is normally: 


start bit / device address (1010-000-1[w])/ 16bit off set 

start bit / device address (1010-000-0[r])/ ... and the location is read from the offset memory olocation over i2c  


I have tried the following links but no luck so far: 




Any help much appreciated.
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Looks like what I was looking for is in here:  


page 16 onward 


4-Kbit Memory Size 


1 0 1 0 A2 A1 a8 R/W 

For the 4-Kbit memory size, the A0 location in the slave address becomes the MSB (a8) of the memory byte address.