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Altera VIP Suite and multiple CVI



I have a couple of questions. 


a) I have a requirement for 3 CVI (8-bit - component,16-bit component and 24-bit RGB). 

b) I would like to switch between them,ie select a single CVI at a time, then de-interlace and scale down as required and output the results in as window inside a 1024x768@60 DVI CVO. 

c) Can I use some sort of MUX after CVI sequrence? the CVI have there own time domains. 

d) What are the merits of having a single 32-bit or 64-bit DDR2 interface compared to how is it is done on the Altera III EP3C120 development board. 

e) I tried the demo on the Altera III EP3C120 development board and like what I see, but I cannot locate infomation regarding multiple CVI. 


Any sugestions would be most welcome. 


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