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Interfacing TSE with Broadcom Gig-E Switch via RGMII

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Hi All, 


I have been assigned the task of interfacing the TSE with a Broadcom 53115 Gig-E Switch via RGMII. I know that the register interface is SPI and that there are roughly 5000 registers in the device, accessed in a page-register/offset type of transfer; I've re-written the SPI access functions to perform write and reads correctly and am now in the process of wading through the TSE driver (largely altera_avalon_tse.c) and changing facets of it to work with a switch rather than a phy. 


For example, in this application, the tse is always set up as a gigabit link, the other 4 ports connected to the chip may or may not be, however the nios does not need to manage the autonegotiation/line rate advertisement, as this is handled by the switch. Simply setting up the i/o port to function in RGMII mode should be enough time for the outbound ports to establish a link. The function of establishing line rates connected to the 4 outbound ports (for reference purposes only) should be a matter of a few register accesses... 


I'm planning on documenting this little adventure here - was wondering if anyone on the forum has performed a similar task on the "canned" drivers? I planned on keeping the data structures as similar to the original implementation as possible to cut down on integration pains... love to hear input on this... 

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Good stuff crayner, 


How do you plan to deal with the custom tags on the RGMII port? Also, having some experience with Broadcom, I'm not sure they'd be happy with a discussion on this topic "in the wild" :-) 


Best Regards, 


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Hi Slacker - 

Clearing Bit 0 of the Broadcom Header Control Register (page 0x02, address 0x03) disables the additional header info/tags (this is between the SA and the type/length field) to the attached ports.  


I was, however, planning on using the RGMII port as strictly a LAN port (no IMP) as my application does not need net management (or most of the other functions in the chip). First step has been just getting SPI traffic running...