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Are there additional rules for placing a user packet into the stream connecting to a motion adaptive deinterlacer II?


I am using a copy of the weave and motion adaptive deinterlacer II with a user packet. The weave works fine but the motion adaptive does not have vertical lock (the image is rolling vertically). In both cases, the user packet is being inserted just after the video packet EOP on every field. The control packet is inserted close to the video packet SOP. I'm using Quartus version 17.1.1 Patches Installed: 1.09std.

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Hi Dennis,


According to VIP user guide doc, Intel recommend to place user packet precede the control packet. (Attached is the screen hot and explanation)


For the motion adaptive deinterlacer II issue debug,


  1. Intel strongly recommends run-time control when in motion adaptive modes with 3:2 & 2:2 detector with video over film.
  2. For Quartus v18.1 and above, deinterlacer II IP has enabled more control register for "motion-adaptive" mode. It's recommend to play and tune the register setting to see whether it helps but you will need to upgrade your Quartus version first. (refer to VIP user guide chapter 15.13)