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Arria 10 development board not recognized correctly via PCIe connection to PC

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We have the DK-DEV-10AX115S-A Arria 10 development kit and are connecting it to a Linux PC via PCI Express. We have reconfigured the Arria 10 with our own code, which contains the "Avalon ST interface for PCI Express" IP, and we have had problems getting the board to be recognized and configured properly with the motherboards we have tested with.


A number of different motherboards we have connected the development board to do not recognize the board at all, including in their BIOS. The same PCIe ports on these motherboards do not have any trouble recognizing other devices.


On the motherboards that do recognize the Arria 10 board, we have only seen the board configured as PCIe Gen1, whereas we have designed and loaded a Gen2 interface (8x) into the FPGA.


Any thoughts on how we can get the board to consistently be recognized by our motherboards, and configure as 8x Gen2, would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hie Frank, It is not expected that Arria 10 development kit to show device cannot recognized across multiple motherboards. I will suggest to first try to replace your design with Example design generated by Quartus Prime Pro using Avalon ST for Gen2x8 configuration. Then, please install the included Quartus feature driver and check if your motherboard can recognize the device. If this shows the device can be recognized, then i will primarily suspect your design. Please compare the Example Design generated by Quartus and your design. Please refer to following document on generating Example Design using Quartus: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/programmable/us/en/pdfs/literature/ug/ug-dex-a10-pcie-avst.pdf If Quartus Generated design still fails, then we need to debug what is causing the failure. We need to first determine if the Pysical Layer can achieve L0. Please signaltap the LTSSM state and let me know. I can help analyze and advice accordingly. Hope, my reply gives you some guidance on how to debug your issue. Regards, Nathan
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