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ArriaIIGX - DDR2

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I have a ArriaIIGX 780 pins and I need to have two 32-bits DDR2 interfaces running at 200 MHZ. I want to place these two interfaces on 3 banks to get enough of pins available for other voltages than the 1.8V the DDR2 requires. I was thinking of placing all dq and control signals on bank 7A for one interface and on bank 5A for the other interface and then the address signals for both interfaces on bank 6A. According to Altera document it should be possible to place an interface on two sides even if it is not the best solution. By placing signals on different sides the skew will increase, but it should be doable. Have anyone ever tried this before?

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Check the spec estimator.  



You can enter wraparound interfaces to see what is possible when using 2 sides.