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Avalon MM Master simulation problem

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I have designed an Avalon MM write master that writes data to onchip memory.  


I built a NIOS II system in qsys (V13.0sp1) and ran the system however the waitrequest on the Avalon Master always remains high in the modelsim simulation.  


It has been working.  


I changed the following line 


assign avm_write_master_write = (write_state == MID_BURST || write_state == FINAL_BURST)? 1 : 0; 




assign avm_write_master_write = ((write_state == MID_BURST || write_state == FINAL_BURST) && avm_write_master_waitrequest == 0) ? 1 : 0; 


As the former was clearly buggy.... although the latter causes the write signal to stay low as the wait request is always high..... (in the former the wait request went low).....  


Anyone got any ideas?  


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