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CVI and vid_datavalid at separate syncs

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Hi to all of you, 


I#m trying to bring up a self-made board. 

I have an Cyclone IV E. 


The FPGA is used only for Chroma Resampling from 4:4:4 to 4:2:2. 

At the moment I try to use an TestPattern-Generator and a VCO, thix block is connesctet to a Block with Input-->FrameBuffer-->FIFO--> Output. 


The TPG-Block and the Input are with separate wires, the Output from the Frame-Buffer-Block is with embedded Signals. This worked fine when I cannect the vid_datavali-Siganl from the TPG-Block with the vid_datavalid from the Input. 

BUT in my design I don't have a datavalidsignal or something like this. 

I know, when I use embedded Signals at my Input I can tie the datavali to Vcc but I need to use separate wires. :) 


Does anybody have an Idea how I can solve the Problem? How can I genarate a stabile datavalid-Signal for my Input. I think I have to toggle the Signal on the frame. But I have different frames and I need to use it with all SDI frames (1080i, 1080p, 720i...). 


I hope you can help me. 


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Hy Anja, 


Try this: data_valid <= '0' when ((H = '1') or (V = '1')) else '1';
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thanks for your reply. 


I put a NOR-Logic inside, and it works fine for progressive Signals but not for interlace Signals.  

Any Ideas for interlace Signals? 



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Hi to all, I got a working solution which maybe is interessting for somebody. 


I selectet the incoming Video Data-Siganls and put it on an OR-Logic the I putvthe Output of the OR-Logic to the vid_datavalid input. It works for all Signals, because I have only a Signal if one of the datasignals is available.