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Compiling SignalTap II files in Quartus II 11.0 created from DSP Builder version 11.0

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I have a project in DSP Builder that has SignalTap II Logic nodes for checking the output in SignalTap II when I import the project into Quartus II version 11.0. On DSP Builder, the max output I can see from this is 8k. However, my project has output that is larger than 8k. I wish to see output of the maximum (128k). I can set this in SignalTap II Logic for Quartus where the project in DSP Builder has been imported. However, I have to compile the project in Quartus with this new setting and the compiler will show errors when I do. Is there a way for me to compile the project with 128k display output for the project I created in DSP Builder?

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anyone? :(