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Connecting an EtherCat ASIC via PCIe to a computer

Hi, and again I have a problem. 


I need to connect an EtherCAT ASIC (ET1100) to my FPGA (Arria II GX) and make it accessable to my pc via PCIe. 

It should be realized with the asynchronous 8Bit uC interface of the ASIC: (Page 277) 

I think this can be realized with a memory controller. But I don't have a clue which one. 

I'm trying to use the QSYS example Design PCIe-to-external-memory: 

( only thing is which memory-controller does fit to this device. 

Is there anyone out there who ever connected it this way? 


Thanks to you all 




PS: Yes, I know that there is a IP-Core for EtherCAT. But I have just to connect the async. 8Bit uC Interface to PCIe.
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OK, I think I got it. The ET1100 can be used like a simple SRAM. So it should be working with the generic tristate conduit and the tristate conduit bridge. 

I'll try it.
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