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Our team is currently involved in a re-designing of a board that is expected to have a life of up to 20 years. One of the key components is a cost-optimized FPGA that has to meet the following requirements: >120 I/O pins, size of bitstream <6 Mb to store in external flash or devices with internal memory to store bitstream.

The logic inside of the FPGA has the function to receive data from encoders and control motor drivers for high precision positioning applications. In the current version of the design we have a DSP that is in charge to load the bitstream in the FPGA from an external flash. We would like to re-design this board with the minimum impact possible. The flash memory has a limited size and that is the reason because we are looking for an FPGA with a bitstream with a size smaller than 6 Mb. Another option could be to have an FPGA with a re-programmable flash technology that allows us to directly flash the FPGA without an external memory. Does intel has FPGAs where is possible to store the bitstream in a non-volatile memory inside of the FPGA?

Or maybe a third option could be an FPGA with the possibility to implement partial re-configuration and only update the required part from the DSP. Does Intel FPGAs support partial re-configuration?

What FPGAs would you recommend for our project? Transceivers are not a requirement for the current project. But it would be nice to know about the devices including transceivers and devices without transceivers as we might use this FPGA in other designs as well.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Nordon,

Regarding your query, please contact intel sales representative in your region.

Thank you

Kshitij Goel

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