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Custom PHY simulation

Honored Contributor II

Hi everyone, 

I'v created a "CUSTOM PHY" in mega wizard. this process added me two files in quartus project : qip and sip. 

I'v added to the "files" a simple testbench ,which was added to "settings --> simulation". 

After "analysis & synthesis" I'v selected "rtl simulation" (my simulator is ACTIVE-HDL).  

After ACTIVE-HDL has cerated some liabrarys , It gave me the following messege "  

# ELBREAD: Warning: Component /serdes_trial_tb/UUT : serdes_trial not bound.# ELBREAD: Elaboration time 0.2 [s]. 

asim +access +r -t 1ps -L serdes_trial -L work -L altera -L lpm -L sgate -L altera_mf -L altera_lnsim -L arriav_ver -L arriav_hssi_ver -L arriav_pcie_hip_ver -L arriav serdes_trial_tb# ELBREAD: Elaboration process.# ELBREAD: Warning: Cannot find library work.# ELBREAD: Warning: Component /serdes_trial_tb/UUT : serdes_trial not bound. 


Obviously because there is no bounding ,the simulation is useless . 


I would realy appreciate an advice!
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