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Cyclone IV GX with LVDS Transceiver and Nios II

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i have a little problem to implement a lvds transceiver interface to my Cyclone IV GX design. 


The Transceiver interfaces are directly connectet to the FPGA, you can see this on the screenshot. 


And my idea was, that i connect on the LVDS pin a ALTLVDS_rx or ALTLVDS_tx block to serialize or deserialz the data what i want to send. 


and my problem is jet, how can i make i rx_inclk, tx_inclk or txsyncclk ? I have no external clock for this. 


my Board is the DB4CGX15 from Devboards: 





if you have any questions, about my problem pleas tell me this...
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I have a second problem with the Cyclone IV GX Transceiver I Use the Quartus 11.0Sp1 Software and i have the same Error Message: 

error: I/O bank QL0 contains input or bidirectional pins with I/O standards that make it impossible to choose a legal VCCIO value for the bank 

info: Can't select VCCIO 1.5V for I/O bank due to 1 input or bidirectional pins 

info: Input or bidirectional pin rx_datain[0] uses I/O standard LVDS 


like in this Thread: http://www.alteraforum.com/forum/showthread.php?p=130079#post130079 


have any one a solution?
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