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Cyclone V Reconfigurable PLL

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I am attempting to use a reconfigurable PLL in a Cyclone V. I am using two routes – ModelSim Starter as provided with Intel FPGA toolset(Ver 16.1) and a full blown version of Modelsim (10.5a). I am having issues with both routes at the moment: 


1. ModelSim Starter 10.5b 


# Loading rtl_lib.cpu_pll_0002 

# ** Fatal: Bad library format, library not compiled with Intel FPGA Edition compiler. 

# Time: 0 ps Iteration: 0 Instance: /sys_clk_gen_tb/uut/cpu_pll_inst/cpu_pll_inst File: D:/Sandbox/Projects/TJ6394/Firmware/V1.0/Altera_IP/CPU_PLL/cpu_pll/cpu_pll_0002.v 

# FATAL ERROR while loading design 

# Error loading design 


This error occurs despite deleting the library and recompiling to give me a clean build. 


2. ModelSim 10.5a 


# Loading C:/intelFPGA/16.1/quartus/eda/sim_lib/verilog/altera_lnsim.altera_cyclonev_pll 

# ** Error: (vsim-3033) C:/intelFPGA/16.1/quartus/eda/sim_lib/altera_lnsim.sv(27862): Instantiation of 'cyclonev_ffpll_reconfig' failed. The design unit was not found. 

# Time: 0 ns Iteration: 0 Instance: /sys_clk_gen_tb/uut/sys_pll_inst/system_pll_inst/altera_pll_i/genblk2/genblk2/cyclonev_pll File: C:/intelFPGA/16.1/quartus/eda/sim_lib/altera_lnsim.sv 

# Searched libraries: 

# C:/intelFPGA/16.1/quartus/eda/sim_lib/verilog/altera_lnsim 

# C:/intelFPGA/16.1/quartus/eda/sim_lib/verilog/cyclonev_ver 

# D:/Sandbox/Projects/TJ6394/Firmware/V1.0/Modules/sys_clk_gen/V1.0/Implementation/sim/modelsim/rtl_lib 

# D:/Sandbox/Projects/TJ6394/Firmware/V1.0/Modules/sys_clk_gen/V1.0/Implementation/sim/modelsim/rtl_lib 

# Loading work.altera_pll_reconfig_core 

# Loading work.altera_std_synchronizer 

# Loading work.dyn_phase_shift 

# Loading work.generic_lcell_comb 

# Loading work.self_reset 

# Loading work.dprio_mux 

# Loading work.fpll_dprio_init 

# Error loading design 


I assume I am missing a library but I am not sure which one- I have manually compiled all the cyclone v libraries but I cannot see any reference to the missing design unit in any of these libraries. 


Anyone got any suggestions.....
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I met the same problem just now... I'll try 15.1 ...

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Did you find a solution? I got stuck in the same problem :(