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DDR2 vontroller with Uniphy simulation problem

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this is my first post on this forum and I couldn't find an answer anywhere. 


I instantiated the DDR2 controller with UniPhy using the IP-library(Megawizard) (Quartus 15.1) but got an error when trying to simulate it. 

The error I get is:  

# 405 ns: ERROR: altera_mem_if_sequencer_cpu_no_ifdef_params_sim_cpu_inst_test_bench/F_valid is 'x'# Break in Module altera_mem_if_sequencer_cpu_no_ifdef_params_sim_cpu_inst_test_bench at ../syn/DDR2Ctrl_sim//DDR2Ctrl/altera_mem_if_sequencer_cpu_no_ifdef_params_sim_cpu_inst_test_bench.v line 498# Simulation Breakpoint: Break in Module altera_mem_if_sequencer_cpu_no_ifdef_params_sim_cpu_inst_test_bench at ../syn/DDR2Ctrl_sim//DDR2Ctrl/altera_mem_if_sequencer_cpu_no_ifdef_params_sim_cpu_inst_test_bench.v line 498  


I found this workaround which sound a bit similar to my problem but isn't: https://www.altera.com/support/support-resources/knowledge-base/solutions/spr388472.html  


I think the Problem somehow depends on the signal soft_reset_n because if I leave it asserted ('0'), no eror occurs. If I deassert it the error occurs about 180 ns later. 


Could anyone please help me out? 


Thank you very much.
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