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DDR3 controller timing violation



I am tring to add DDR3 controller IP to my current project, but after implementation Quartus 18.1 show timing violations on paths from afi_clk to pll_hr_clk (200 MHz -> 400 MHz). Clock frequency of DDR3 memory is 800 MHz. FPGA is Stratix V.  FPGA resources used about 66%.

When exploring timing violation in the TimeQuest I see that there is big skew (~ 800 ps) between this two clocks although they are different outputs of the same pll.

I must to note that after run the p0_pin_assignment.tcl script in the qsf-file written assignment for pll_hr_clk put it on DUAL-REGIONAL CLOCK network  and afi_clk to GLOBAL CLOCK.

In the GUI of the DDR controllet IP there is no settings for shifting these two clocks one relative another.

When I try to set phase adjustment directly in the generated sources for pll not help (it is possible that I set not applicable settings)

Also I didn't find the fitter and QSF settings which can help.

If someone can help me with this I will be very appreciate.

Thank you in advance


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