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DE2-115 SDRAM Problems



I'm using the Qsys SDRAM controller for the 2 SDRAM chips(IS42S16320D) on the DE2-115 boards (Cyclone IVE). I'm giving the SDRAM chips a 133MHz clock which leads the 133MHz controller clock by 3 ns (using a PLL). The system clock is 50 MHz. 


SDRAM configuration: 

CAS Latency -> 2 

init refresh cycles -> 8 

refresh command every 8 microseconds 

100 microsecond delay after power up 

refresh command duration -> 29 ns 

precharge command duration -> 15 ns 

ACTIVE to READ or WRITE delay -> 15 ns 

Access time -> 5.4 ns 

Write recovery time -> 20 ns 


Bus width -> 32 bits 

Rows -> 13 

Cols -> 10 

Chip select -> 1 

Banks -> 4 


I attempt to write to two addresses sequentially, 0xDEAD_BEEF to address 0xA5A5A5 in the first write and 0xFEED_BABE to address 0xA5A5A6 in the second cycle. About one hundred cycles later, I attempt to read from the same addresses and get 0xF00FF00F. Can anyone make recommendations as to what I might be doing incorrectly? I've included a SignalTap waveform of the specific signals I am setting (write enable/read enable/etc) and receiving on the lines. 


To be clear, I am not interfacing with the NIOSII core. I am seeking a fabric-only solution to this. 


SignalTap screencaps: imgur dot com/e7v8L,gJIwR 

(sorry for circumventing the 5 post before images rule) 


az_rd_n -> Controller read enable 

az_wr_n -> Controller write enable 

zs_dq -> Data lines from controller to SDRAM 

az_data -> Data from controller to FPGA fabric (data read from SDRAM) 

za_data -> Data to controller from FPGA fabric (data written to SDRAM) 

az_addr -> Address being written to/read from 

za_waitreqest -> asserted when the controller cannot take a read/write command 

za_valid -> asserted when the data read from SDRAM is valid 




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Honored Contributor I

If anyone has gotten the SDRAM controller to successfully write and read anything to the DE2 SDRAM chips, could you describe your process? I've been working on this for a while without any luck.