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SDI IP without driver/equalizer

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I have a board without SDI-IO capabilities (no equalizer nor driver). But I can connect directly to Arria II GX transceivers BNC... 

Is is possible to validate a complete SDI bypass solution (SDI In -> FPGA In -> Altera SDI IP -> FPGA Out -> SDI Out) without the use of conventionnal equalizer/driver? 

Surely distance will not be meters and meters: but is it possible to have a succesfull design with less than 1 meter cable? 


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Well, what speed are you attempting? SD-SDI, sure. HD-SDI, can still do. But you must really watch the return loss and loss at 3G-SDI. You will have better luck with a Shielded Twisted pair (Cat 6 or better), than using Coaxial, as the transceiver in/out are all differential.