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DSP Builder installation issue

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i'm working with Windows 7 64 bits. 

and I installed Matlab 2011b 32 bits (to have a full compatibility with DSP builder). I removed the "read only" property from all the files but the directories are still "read only" (impossible to remove it). 


now, I try to install DSP builder 12.0 

I used the "Altera installer" which downloads all the needed files. 

I launched it as admisnitrator and did not change any option (it installs Quartus II subscription edition trial, ModelSim-Altera free and DSP builder) 


The installer says everything has been properly installed but when I launch Simulink, I dont see any DSP Builder block. 


I tried some tips for older versions of DSP builder read on this forum but it doesn't work (or may be, I dont apply them correctly). 


someone has a solution ? 



best regards 


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ok, I got the answer by myself. 

in fact, it is just needed to go inside the "program start list" and select : 

Altera -> DSP Builder -> Start in Matlab R2011b (32-bit) 


I have to launch Matlab/simulink each time using this start menu link, otherwise the Altera blocks are not properly installed in Simulink.
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Yes, this is a change that was made in 12.0. 


Another new change is that the installer will let you select multiple versions of MATLAB (if you have them installed). Then when you look in the start menu, you will see an option like "Start in MATLAB R20xxx (xx-bit)" for each MATLAB version you selected.