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Difficulty with Simple Socket Server Design Example




I am having a few issues getting the simple socket server design example to work properly on my development board (MAX10 10M50 Development Board).


I have downloaded the project .par file and have followed the instructions exactly as descriped in the "Nios II Ethernet Simple Socket Server on MAX10 FPGA Development Kit" pdf.


The first of my issues is during hardware compilation. I am receiving errors during the EDA Netlist Writer component (Error 204012 and 204009). Based on the messages, I believe this is due to a lack of license. Where can this license be purchased? I have been able to get around this for the most part by downloading the precompiled .sof file within the project.


The second issue is when trying to build the Nios 2 project and download to the development board. I believe the issue stems from missing header files (show below), but this project is exactly as it was extracted from the provided intel download, without any modification. Why would these files not be included in the project - or am I missing a step that results in generating these files? Again, I have followed the instructions exactly as described in the provided PDF document.


Is there a more recent document / project file that can be used? Ultimately, I would like to use ethernet communication to send commands from a PC, to the Nios 2 processor.


Thank you,


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The examples mostly don't include the full C code files and library, you should regenerate and compile your project and make sure you've selected the correct device before compilation.

Please check the link below to buy a Quartus license



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