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Embedded attributes inside AVSPI core fail during compile


In one of the AVSPI core files, spiphyslave.v, are several set_false_path attributes that are causing several warnings such as the following, during Compile:


/*local reg for shift register*/ 

(* altera_attribute = {"-name SDC_STATEMENT \"set_false_path -from [get_pins -no_case -compatibility_mode *SPIPhy_altera_avalon_st_idle_inserter|received_esc*|*] -to [get_pins -no_case -compatibility_mode *|rdshiftreg*|*]\" "} *) reg [7:0] rdshiftreg;   


Warning (332049): Ignored set_false_path at qfit2_legacy_fmain_fitter_flow.tcl(117): Argument <from> is an empty collection

Info (332050): run_legacy_fitter_flow


Since this is down inside a Quartus IP, is there a recommended way to handle this?

For example, should the core file(s) be modified by commenting out the failing set_false_path constraints and replace with corresponding SDC file constraints? This seems like a stretch, modifying a tool-generated core. Is there a more suitable solution?


Thank you.


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1) This set_false_path -> set_false_path -from [get_pins -no_case -compatibility_mode *SPIPhy_altera_avalon_st_idle_inserter|received_esc*|*] -to [get_pins -no_case -compatibility_mode *|rdshiftreg*|*]  in MISO block is wrong.

This is fixed in 19.1std b659 onwards to -> set_false_path -from [get_pins *] -to [get_pins -no_case -compatibility_mode *|rdshiftreg*|*]

   Can you please either regenerate the RTL or replace the SDC content?

2) This set false path -> set_false_path -from [get_pins -no_case -compatibility_mode *|stsourcedata*|*] -to [get_registers *] is in MOSI block. 

   I noticed from the Technology map viewer that MOSI block doesn't exist (synthesize away). Did you not connect up MOSI interface? If this is expected then this set_false_path can be ignored.