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Error with clock connections to DDR2

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This is a Cyclone IVe design, using Quartus 17.0  


I have a qsys system where I have instantiated the DRAM controller "DDR2 SDRAM Controller with ALTMEMPHY" 


When I try to run analysis / synthesis I got this error: 

Error (13059): The DDIO_OUT WYSIWYG primitive "core:core1|core_ddr2:ddr2|core_ddr2_controller_phy:core_ddr2_controller_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy:core_ddr2_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy:core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy_clk_reset:clk|altddio_bidir:DDR_CLK_OUT[0].ddr_clk_out_p|ddio_bidir_n5h:auto_generated|ddio_outa[0]" feeding the pin "ddr2_clk" has multiple fan-outs 


My qsys block is named "core". The only connections to the ddr2_clk are to the module port of the "core" module, and then it is an output port of the top level module. It does not connect anywhere else. 



As an experiment I left the port disconnected. then I got this error: 

Error (15873): Output port DATAOUT of DDIO_OUT primitive "core:core1|core_ddr2:ddr2|core_ddr2_controller_phy:core_ddr2_controller_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy:core_ddr2_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy:core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy_clk_reset:clk|altddio_bidir:DDR_CLK_OUT[0].ddr_clk_out_p|ddio_bidir_n5h:auto_generated|ddio_outa[0]" must drive input port I of an I/O OBUF primitive. It currently drives "core:core1|core_ddr2:ddr2|core_ddr2_controller_phy:core_ddr2_controller_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy:core_ddr2_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy:core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy_inst|core_ddr2_phy_alt_mem_phy_clk_reset:clk|altddio_bidir:DDR_CLK_OUT[0].ddr_clk_out_p|ddio_bidir_n5h:auto_generated|input_cell_h[0]" 





So I noticed that it specified that the signal must be connected to an I/O port. I had previously connected it to an "output" so I changed it to be an I/O port. Back to the same error I started with. 



can anyone tell me what the problem is? 


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Hi Rod, 


Here are some DDR2 example design , you can refer to the connection of these example designs and apply the same to your design. 






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