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Ethernet transmission

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Hi all, 


I write a program to generate the ethernet packet using logic cell and implement to ENET_TXD[7:0] (i use gigabit mode). I saw the TX light on the board blinking, while I can not receive any data on my computer (I use a C socket program to receive the data). Anyone know how to fix that? 


My ethernet packet is followed by this rule: 


Preamble : 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 

SFD: D5 

Destination address: 00-26-9E-B4-DA-BB 

Source address: 00-07-ED-11-80-C9 

Length: 00 64 

data: 00 00 ... (one hundred 00) 

CRC: 6C-CC-4B-B2 


I use DE3 and a HSMC-NET daughter board 


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