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Evaluation of SDI Audio Extract and Embed Cores


Hi, I'm trying to evaluate the SDI IP audio and extract and embed cores and when trying to generate the programming file I am getting an error regarding no valid license. I am targetting a Cyclone V GX device using Quartus Lite 18.1.1. It worked fine using just the SDI IP and audio extractor core, but after adding the Embed core it doesn't allow me to generate a programming file. The output from the Encrypted IP Cores Summary report is below (which is strange)



; Assembler Encrypted IP Cores Summary        ;


; Vendor ; IP Core Name       ; License Type ;


; Altera ; SDI Interface (6AF7 00AE) ; Unlicensed  ;

; Altera ; "SDI" (6AF7 00AE)     ; OpenCore Plus ;

; Altera ; SDI Interface (6AF7 00AE) ; OpenCore Plus ;

; Altera ; Signal Tap (6AF7 BCE1)  ; Licensed   ;

; Altera ; Signal Tap (6AF7 BCEC)  ; Licensed   ;



Have you got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to INTEL forum. For Audio Embed core; SDI Interface (6AF7 00AE) customer need an Evaluation license. The Evaluation license is provided freely by distributor/sale. Kindly contact your nearest Intel sales person or distributor to request The Evaluation license. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/partner/where-to-buy/overview.html   

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